Monday, October 18, 2010

Cowboy Peyton

We had such a great weekend. Drove many hours to my grandmother's house in Iowa. It was a longggg trip-my back was killing me but this pic takes all the pain away! We went to an orchard that had a fall festival going on. It was soo fun-they had a pumpkin patch, hayrides, wagon rides, corn maze, spooky forest, burlap sack sliding, storytelling AND the best part of it was Shadow. Yep, Shadow is the name of this WHITE pony. Peyton always talks about riding Grammy's horses-but he gets overwhelmed by how big they are-but Shadow was just perfect-he loved it and it made that long trip so worth watching him. We picked out two pumpkins to take home to carve with daddy. The weekend was soo much fun with our family in Iowa-hopefully we will be able to return again soon!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Favorite Sport!

So I have this secret sport addiction-hockey brawls. Yep I admit it, I love to watch hockey...and especially the fights. This last weekend was the preseason Rapid City Rush. Now when we first moved here in 2008-it was their first season-WOW how great to have moved from one hockey town to another. So I eagerly bought the tickets-ummm yeah not so much-they were terrible AND the fights were staged-DUMB. So that was that...until 2010. Yep the Rush ROCK! not joking they are really good and it was a blast. We went both nights and Peyton gets really into it with ringing the cowbell. We have finally found a family event that we can really enjoy together. We ate lots of junk, screamed a lot and just had a really fun time. Although, Peyton is afraid of the mascot, a donkey named Nugget. Hides underneath the chair, wants nothing to do with the bucktoothed animal. Oh well..... but he does like the popcorn!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Ok I have tried and tried to get this blog thing going......and this time I am really awesome friend Chelsea did her best to teach me how to change things and I am really other awesome friend....Barbie....even offered to do my banner with her expertise graphic design skills...and I am still stuck with no pictures and no headliner! lol oh well I guess sharing is better than the makeup of the blog!

Time has just flown by this summer(and early fall) Peyton and I travelled to Mexico with our family and had a great time in June. July has to be the best month EVER-Brett passed his medical exams and moved on!!! yeah Finished Family Practice and almost done with Internal Medicine. I am so glad that part is over.

I am still working here and there at Michaels. Brett's schedule limits me to not much availability but that is ok I love being with Peyton.

Speaking of the King....he will be three in December and I am so sad that he is growing up. I have had the best three years of my life with him and I never want him to grow up and move out.

But with him growing up it gives me a chance to get out more too....I am finally going to a scrapbook retreat in Nov. I am really excited about it..although I have invited my two boys to join me one night for a sleepover at the hotel.

Not sure what the winter holds for us but I am sure it will be indoors....until my next post!

Monday, May 10, 2010

How much cuter can a beach baby be?

So I am really proud of this picture, only because I have had this Nikon for two years, have not read the manual, no idea how to properly work it, taken some really bad pics but this ONE picture turned out perfect!(notice how the background is a little fuzzy and he is just front and center) Anyway great pictures of great times...PJW and I spent one week in Hawaii with my mom. We have made this trip an annual GIRLS ONLY since last year! so we just did our 2nd annual. We will decide at what age Peyton is no longer allowed to go with us but for now he is a kick in the pants to go with! We ONLY fly first class to Hawaii because we are old and need the comfy, roomy seats they have to offer-plus we need the hot towels to freshen up our faces after take off. This year Peyton got his own seat(pricey I know!) but it was heaven for me. I curled up under the down blanket and had my OWN drink, my OWN snacks-it was truly great. AND that was even before we got to the Island---Kauai-the garden island-not my favorite. We had to go there and check it out but it probably will not be our preferred destination for future years. I told my mom that really the big island is my favorite-Kona, Lahaina. We decided after Waikiki last year, Kauai this then next year will be the big island. Anyway enough of the nonsense.... we toured a chocolate farm-yes you heard it right-grow Cacao trees and we taste tested chocolate-what better way to start the day-learned that I should be eating a oz of VERY fine chocolate every nite to give some antioxidants a chance in my body. So first thing I did today was order this yummy, but priced more than a Snickers bar, Colombian dark chocolate.

The most important part(besides the food) is taking PJW to the beach-mmm not so fun this year. He has suddenly gone into a phase where he use the phrase " I am afraid of....." and inserts whatever is happening-so let me translate " I am afraid of the beach" mmm yes that is a literal translation----no granted I can understand the HUGE waves we saw at Wiamea Beach-some of the best surfin around-but at the lonely baby beach --COME ON PJW-so obviously we did not spend much time IN the water. No worries because it rained every day we were there-so we had no problem of getting skin cancer in one week--but all good. Lots of relaxation, fun and family....which brings us to our next escapade---stay tuned in June-we are off to Cabo San Lucas for Mikey's graduation trip. I will finally get some sun on my body!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hopping down the bunny trail!

Hmm did I miss Easter?! Ok well I did turn 41 on April 3rd-so I'm losing track of time faster and faster! ha ha ha We had such a great weekend. It was really the first time that Peyton was active in the holiday celebration.... Sat we colored eggs and he really got in to that-he wanted to put his hand in everything. Then Brett and Peyton made me a superb birthday dinner of steak, asparagus, REAL baked potato and DQ ice cream cake. It really was one of the best birthdays-I had my two boys together and we just had a great time....more pics of Easter coming and some really good stories too!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All About US

This is my "almost done" masterpiece of the week-yep I'm trying to do a layout each week to catch up with the never ending battle of keeping up with the whistler's! I absolutely love this paper-comes from The Playground-she has all the new My Mind's Eye. This is the Lush line and let me tell you it is LUSH!!! so exquisite. I made the mistake of not buying ALL the embellishments and now she is sold out! aagh so I have to finish up the blingy part of this layout when they arrive-but I'm very proud of myself for taking only two weeks after purchasing the paper to be ALMOST done!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hi Maddie, Hi KiKi, Hi Coopie, Hi Bird!

My boy is a literal linguist! yep he is saying two words and possibly 3-4 words in a slur. His regular greetings to the dogs(which may even come when they are nowhere near him) include Hi or Bye plus the appropriate name. This morning he woke up and while Daddy went up to get him, I could hear him thru the monitor, " I don't want a nap" mmm guess he is ready to get out of his crib. He can tell me when is foot is stuck, when there is a noise around, the phone is ringing and all kinds of other helpful phrases-I'm so proud of him-he will be translating all of these into spanish by next weekend!